Difference between a professional security vs cheap alarm system

Once you make a decision to secure your apartment, house or office, you will face a choice: to use a professional security system or trust a more affordable non-certified alarm system. Without submerging into the nuances, it seems that the differences are insignificant and any security equipment will be able to cope with the task successfully.

But the desire to save leads to a lot of problems. The detectors are prone to false alarms or failure to respond to real threats. They may stop functioning suddenly and the system will not warn you of the malfunction. Radio communication range is barely enough to cover the premises and the connection is constantly interrupted. The app fails to work properly. Your facility (e. g. your property and even the lives of people) is left completely unprotected from attack by intruders. In addition, security companies refuse to link the alarm system to the monitoring station, and responses to alarms fall on your shoulders.

In order to help you make the right decision, we have formulated 6 main requirements for a reliable security system. Furthermore, we have also outlined how exactly Ajax corresponds to this requirements.